IPR Implications during Covid-19

IPR Implications during Covid-19
For an economy to grow and its consumer society to prosper, intellectual property serves as an underpinning factor for the country. To fight the present Pandemic, it is even more quintessential as it is a fundamental instrument to help nations fight together. Globally, the pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies are striving their best to help find relief from the impact of the pandemic.
However, amidst this international emergency, domestically as well as globally, there is a rise in dearth of intellectual property laws which is being affected by the outbreak of COVID – 19 with regard to public health services, including instances of hurdles in R&D of drug and restricted access to medical equipments.
To counter this pandemic, there is an ardent need for Governments across the world to intervene and liberalise the IP restrictions for a short term for effective deployment of protective medical equipments for public health and safety.
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